Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Pedophiles...Oh My!

Trick-or-Treat has a new meaning in Huntsville, Alabama this year! Next Saturday while little goblins, pirates, Cinderellas, and otherwise disguised children will go door to door on the hunt for the best candies, the real-life monsters will be attending a mandatory meeting hosted by state and federal probation officers. Yup, registered sex offenders in the northern Alabama city will have to report for an educational program that will review both state and federal sex offender’s laws next Saturday from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Reportedly, it's meant to encourage accountability and behavior changes in the offenders. Seems like a handy way to clear the street of pedophiles if you ask me. Too bad this isn’t something that every state and district does!

The state of Georgia made the news just a few weeks ago because it surfaced that homeless sex offenders were instructed to live in tents just behind an office park as a "last resort." This option was given to those of them who could not find places that complied with Georgia's strict restrictions. But they were ordered to move when the public became aware. Upon learning of this, one of the pedophiles was quoted as saying, "You know, I just want to go back to a sense of normalcy, to having a place to live and having a place to work. You know, that's all I want — I just want the basics." Now, I’m not an unsympathetic, cold-hearted demon. But…. I just don’t feel sorry for him. Is that bad? Do pedophiles deserve sympathy on any level?

As parents and concerned citizens, we cannot sit back and expect that the authorities will closely monitor the activities of these criminals. But there is something that we can do. Visit websites like to see how many pedophiles live in your community. You’d be surprised! I plugged my address in this morning and found that a couple new individuals had moved into my small town. ARRRRRRRGGRRRHHHHH! Sad thing is that this map only shows the identified offenders. Think how illuminated the map would be if every pedophile was put on blast!

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  1. I would rather see these pedophiles off the streets for ever. They might not be out of the night of Halloween but THEY WILL on any other day. We really need to know our children are safe any night and any day. These monsters also operate in broad daylight!!!!!