Saturday, October 10, 2009

Stars Behaving Badly

Boy oh boy, what a week! The entertainment news wires were a buzz due to the parent wars going on between some notable stars. Where should I begin? …

As much as it pains me to bring up Jon and Kate….I just can’t help it! What a bunch of knuckleheads! ENOUGH ALREADY with the whole media hungry stuff! It irks me to no end to watch Jon run to Entertainment Tonight every other day to divulge personal info “exclusively.” But I did chuckle during one of his latest “appearances” on another show when Nancy Grace hard lined Jon. He was on to talk about the allegations that he stole $230,000 from a joint account shares with Kate. He denied any wrongdoing, and even challenged his soon-to-be- ex to account for millions of dollars. Who knows what really happened. Regardless of all the he said-she said, there are eight adorable, doe-eyed cuties that simply want their parents to act like they were given some sense. Hopefully we will all get to witness this as well. Oh, and by the way….Kate irks me to!

Now on to my (home town) favorite, RnB singer Usher. Alright, so by now it’s not groundbreaking news that Usher filed for divorce from his wife, Tameka. The two have two young sons, and have been married for a couple or so years. Well according to TMZ, Usher told cops his soon-to-be ex wife vandalized his truck after a "custody dispute" they had. Usher reportedly called police after he noticed several scratches on his truck, and stated that he believed Tameka vandalized the car in retaliation for their fight just hours before. Isn’t it interesting to see that just because you have millions, you can still act a fool! Where were the kids when all this was happening? Let’s all just hope that they work out the details of their divorce amicably for the children’s sake

Next…David Letterman, sigh….yawn! This week, the public learned that David Letterman was the victim of an attempted extortion. Why? Well apparently, Dave had been having flings with his female staffers. Joe Halderman (a boyfriend of one of Dave’s staffers) reportedly caught the talk-show host and his then-girlfriend, passionately kissing in a car in the driveway of the Norwalk, Conn., home Halderman shared with her. So what’s the big problem? Well, for starters…David Letterman is married with child. Secondly….he allegedly had affairs with people that worked for him. Sex in the workplace seems to always backfire, and then when you add the boss/employee element it is destined to fail. Now add the cheating boss/employee/jealous boyfriend element, and the situation implodes.

I hope that I have less to reflect on next Friday because this week was something else! But it made me think about how as adults we tend to easily forget what children think of us. Even though they accept us as we are (faults and all), our behavior does affect them. Divorce is a difficult thing to go through even as adults. Just imagine what it must feel like to children. So if you feel like keying up your ex’s car...STOP and take a second to look into your child’s eyes. If you’re that out of control, you’ll be able to see the anxiety in their eyes. Perhaps that will help to put things into perspective for you.

Happy Parenting,

Take a minute and watch this video of the students at PS 22. I’m a big fan of these youngsters, and watch their performances whenever I need a pick-me-up and a reminder of how sweet and precious children are. Enjoy…


  1. I love Entertainment News! This is a great blog!

    First, I'm so sick of hearing about Jon & Kate! Enough already! Jeez... I think Jon is cutting up because he got axed from their reality show (It was to be just "Kate + 8"). I just can't figure out why every news outlet is discussing them. Their 15 minutes have been up!

    Usher & Tameka...Wow! I never liked them as a couple. I always thought Usher & Chili made a great couple. They may get a second chance - Only time will tell...

    And regarding David....I feel empathy for his wife. To have their private secrets displayed before millions must be devastating for her. I'm sure David is enjoying the super high ratings, but look at the price he's paying. But the question is... Does he even care?

    Drama, Drama, Drama...

    Have a great weekend, G!

  2. I personnaly do not really care to know the inside stories of celebrities but when a man gets caught cheating and that is broadcast in the media, love it!
    Good reading piece G