Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Billion Dollar Bank Account...Low Class Behavior

All the billions of dollars that Ivana Trump has in the bank did not prevent her from going straight ghetto on a Delta flight the other day! Apparently she had to be escorted from the plane after reportedly screaming “Little f*ckers!” and “Shut the f*ck up!” at kids who were running up and down the aisles. Ivana didn’t spare the F-Bomb from the crew either, because she repeatedly screamed “F*ck You!” at them as they removed her from the plane. Tisk…tisk…tisk…..such poor behavior for someone who should know better. She does, after all, have three children of her own.

But just between you and me…don’t YOU sometimes want to go off on unruly kids at a department store? Maybe even at a restaurant, or at a playground. I’m the kind that sits back first to see if their parent will intervene. However, I don’t hesitate to say something if they don’t. For example, recently I was Christmas shopping at a mall. As I walked around a store, I could repeatedly hear the bell chime that alerts store staff that someone had entered the store. I looked
over and saw a young boy (about 6-years-old) standing in the doorway and kicking his legs in front of the sensor to activate the bell sound. He must have made that thing go off two hundred times! The store owner muttered under her breath as she rang up my purchases “I wish that kid would stop because it’s driving me crazy!” So…as I passed this little door bell bandit on my way out I smiled warmly and said “You are too cute! But you know…that is not a toy and it is really noisy. You probably shouldn’t play with it cutie pie.” He grinned at me and immediately stopped what he was doing. Embarrassed, my younger brother whispered to me that I was not supposed to talk to other people’s children. Maybe it’s because of what I do for a living, but I have no problem with it. I would not necessarily reprimand a child if there parent was present. But I see nothing wrong with correcting children (within reason of course). I think it’s more about how one goes about doing it that is most important. So I don’t blame Ivana for being irritated by the kids who may have been behaving badly on her flight. She was probably already on edge since the tabloids reported that she is separating from husband number 17. However, cursing at kids is just wrong, and ultimately not helpful.

So next time you are at your favorite all-you-can-eat restaurant and a doe-eyed youngster proceeds to stick their finger into the salad dressing, don't go Ivana on him. Just tell him not to do it...and skip the salad:)

Happy Parenting,

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