Thursday, February 18, 2010

Letting Go In Order to Grow

Happy Lent everyone!!!! Each year, many Christians “give up” something valued as a means of penitence during this period leading up to Easter. printed a humorous article listing what moms should consider going without." I am reprinting their list below, but you already know....I just had to add to it!

Here is Momlogic’s List:

1) Give up "orange" colored food

No more handfuls of my kid's Goldfish crackers and wee shovel-fulls of macaroni and cheese. Who knows. If I give 'em up, maybe my little darling will stop asking "Mommy, why are your legs so squishy?"

2) Give up blaming kid for messy car
Whenever I have a guest in my car, I always begin the journey with an apology as I shove garbage off the passenger side seat. "Sorry about the mess, but you know how it is when you have kids." Truth be told, if my 4-year-old girl is responsible for empty Starbucks cups, discarded gas receipts and stray lipsticks, I've got WAY bigger problems than a trashed car.

3) Give up empty threats by the time I count to 10
She knows I don't mean it, I know I don't mean it. Maybe it's time to call off the charade. Especially when I threaten, "Wait until your father gets home!!" and he's standing right next to me.

4) Give up spelling out swear words
People without kids might try to give up swearing, but if you've got kids chances are you don't swear as much as you spell the words out. And I'm a crummy speller. By the time I've spelled out "you S-T-U-P-I-D B-A-S-T-A-R-D why are you being such an A-$-$-H-O-L-E, it's already time to get dinner on the table.

5) Give up falling asleep at kid's bedtime
Those bedtime stories sure are effective -- they put us BOTH to sleep ... by 7 PM. It's hard to resist, already in bed, cuddled up with your favorite miniature person.

6) Give up NOT having sex
See number 5

Here is my addendum:

7) Give up Facebook
Now we all know how much time we spend updating our statuses, posting pictures, and commenting on other people’s page. Let’s call it what it is…an addiction. Now it may be hard at first…you may get the trembles, shakes, and suffer from loose bowels….but you can do it. Just step away from the keyboard:)

Ladies I say NO to sweatpants. The big, baggy bright red or fluorescent yellow, half-way bleached out sweatpants you have had for years need to go! No more runs to Walmart looking like a schlump. Let’s bring sexy back mommies!

An end to drama
The melodrama is o-v-e-r during Lent. That means avoiding the people in our lives that serve as the constant rain cloud. That might mean not talking to you ”bestie” or maybe even a family member. Maybe you might just work up the nerve to tell your Debbie Downer about their emotionally draining ways!

10) Abstinence
Okay, calm down (lol). No…not that kind of abstinence mommies! I’m talking about the abstinence from negative thinking. I’m too fat…I’m too skinny…I won’t be able to achieve my dreams…I have to put up with abuse…I can'tyou catch my drift! No more. This is probably the hardest of the list to accomplish, but it is possible. Replace the negative with the positive by taking baby steps. No…being able to change overnight is quite rare. Instead, focusing on smaller, more manageable steps makes any change feasible. Pick a positive thing about you to highlight each day. Or think about something that makes you feel wonderful. And lastly…stop trying to place a question mark where God has placed a period!!!!

Happy Parenting,

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