Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello G, I just read your blog about the girls and low self-esteem. I have a question that I'm struggling with. My daughter (14) has a boyfriend. She says she isn't sexually active but I can't be sure. Is it bad to have her start taking birthcontrol?


Thank you for reaching out to me, and also for reading my Blog. This is a really complex question because there are so many layers to it. First, I would recommend that you begin by having a heart-to-heart with your daughter. Although not all kids her age are sexually active, most are exposed to significant peer pressure to engage in sexual acts. She may not feel comfortable talking with you. However, having an open line of communication is key. Of course, being unbiased is difficult. However, the better you are at this...the more your child will open up about what they are thinking, feeling...and doing. Once you know the truth, you can than make informed decisions. Naturally, the choice to have her take birth control is a personal one. In order to help you determine whether this is right for you: Make a pro and con list to determine whether you can or cannot live with the consequences of either decision.

Again, regardless of your decision, it is clear that the time is more than right to have clear and open conversations with your daughter about sex. Remember...a parent's intuition is very poignant! If you feel that there is cause for concern...there is most likely cause for concern.

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