Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Borders Family Affordable Spring Break Adventures (Day 1)

It’s Spring Break for both me and the kiddos. They’ve worked really hard at school, and learned a lot so far this year. They even taught me a thing or two because I humbly admit that I’m not smarter than a 3rd grader:). But going on a trip this year as a reward was just not in the plan. Instead, I decided to figure out how much trouble we could get into fun we could have here in town.

Day One —The "Janky" carnival. For those of you who are not familiar with this adjective…it means bootleg, low budget, back woods, and tacky. But guess what?! We had fun! Eh hem…I mean the kids had fun:)

It was a really hot day in the suburbs of Atlanta. Under the heat of the sun, I watched and snapped pics of my Minnie me’s as they ran from ride to ride. Tons of laughter, a couple of squabbles about how many tickets they each had left, and a bucket of cotton candy equaled a fun Borders family outing.  $30 dollars went a long way today, and helped to create many fun memories...like Mommy squealing like a punk on the ride called the Zinger. (lol)

Day Two — It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so it seems like it will be a movie day. How to Train Your Dragon is supposed to be good one. So we’ll check it out in the early afternoon. Then…I think we’ll paint some T-shirts…..Lawd help me!!!!!!!  Check back for pics and my candid movie review!

For more suggestions for indoor family fun activities for young kids check out Parenting.comOr....just feel free to let your creativity run free. You never know...you might have a ton of fun at your local janky event (lol)!!!!

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