Thursday, April 8, 2010

Borders Family Affordable Spring Break Fun (Day2)

The Borders family is in full Spring Break mode! Today is Day 2 of our Staycation adventure.

As usual, the weatherman was wrong and it did not rain as predicted. Instead, it was a picture perfect, bluest-sky kinda’ day! But as any parent knows…if you make a promise to your Minnie-me’s, it is really difficult to back track. So, since I promised a movie…a movie it was!

The ChipmunksHowever, in true Borders family style…a debate ensued. A debate between the will of the Minnie-me’s. Little lady did not want to see How to Train Your Dragon! Instead, she tried to persuade her big brother to see Alvin and the Chipmunks…The Squeakquel. For a while I thought that there would be a stalemate, and that I would have to “make it right.” But guess what?! Baby girl somehow jedi mind tricked her big brother into believing that it was his idea to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. I honestly laughed-out-loud because that little woman is waaaaayyy too much like me!

She must have subconsciously known that Mommy is doing an experiment. You know…the “How much can we do for $100 during Spring Break” experiment. Because the movie was playing at the $1.99 movie theatre!!!! Total ticket cost was just under $6.00, and nachos and Twizzlers cost just over $5.00. So let’s round it up to $12.00 total dollars at the movies:)!

So here’s my critique of the movie: Cute voices…..cute faces…cute little storyline. However (sigh…I’m trying to be positive….), there are too many gratuitous jokes that are adult oriented…like when Alvin said that his aunt was “Pole dancing” and couldn’t come to the phone. Thankfully it went over my kiddos’ heads, and they simply enjoyed the music. I had to admit that the chipmunk version of Beyonce’s Put A Ring On It did have me head nodding in my movie seat:)

I could tell that they were both a bit tired after the movie, but we did go shopping for our art activity. We stopped off at the Dollar Tree (where most everything is $1.00). We got appliqu├ęs and clothing paint and headed home. Grand total...$4.50!

After a quick nap, the artwork began!

Jess Working Hard

Justin Working on His Masterpeice

Tahdah!!!!!!  The finished designer duds:

Jess' "Flower Garden"

Justin's "Underwater World"

Today's grand total is $16.50. So far this week we spent $46.50! A few more days of fun left, and just over $50.00 to spend. Who said fun has to be costly!!!!!!!

Check back to see all that we can do on a self-imposed budget:)

Happy Parenting,

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