Friday, April 9, 2010

Borders Family Affordable Spring Break (day 4)

Spring Break is now almost over, and I am a little worn out!  Running around with kids is a full time (and then some) kinda' job!  But....we have managed to have a fun AND affordable staycation!  Here's the update:

Day 3: Yesterday was a miserable day weatherwise.  It stormed like cats and dogs for most of the day.  That coupled with the fact that the pollen had my allergies working overtime, it was more feasible to do activities at home.  Rental movies, popcorn, several games of UNO, and hide-n-seek made for a playful day.  To round it off...we had a slumber party in an indoor tent that night.  But...not before I made S'mores:)  The Day's total was $13.00 (I rounded up :))

Day 4:  Today was another gorgeous day in the "A!"  I can now breathe through my nostrils since some of the pollen was washed away by yesterday's rain (lol).  After sleeping in until 9:30, the kiddos and I took off for brunch at IHOP.  Just over $11.00 is what I spent on their smiley face pancakes.   So...with their little bellies full, we took off on our adventure!

They must have asked a million times what their "surprise adventure" was going to be on the car ride there.  Then, as we approached our destination...Justin finally put two and two together!  It is a place that we drive past several times a week, but don't often go....Stone Mountain Park!!!

Although we've gone to many of the attractions in the past, I realized that the kids had never been on the Sky Ride.  It's a high-speed Swiss cable car ride more than 825 feet in the air.  You ride it to the top of the mountain, and are able to see the most amazing views of the Atlanta skyline, and the Appalachian Mountains. I had ridden it years ago...long before the kiddos were a glimmer in my eye (lol).  So today I wanted to share the joy with them.  It seems that many other parents had the same idea because the line was a bit lengthy.  But WOW was it worth the wait!

The kids cheered as they watched the ride glide into the station, and ran to get their seat as I followed behind. Surprisingly, Jess was not nervous or scared about the height though we climbed higher, and higher...and higher!!!


The ride up the mountain is fairly quick, but once there we were able to get out and explore what the world looks like 825 ft. above ground:)  One problem though...for whatever reason, I decided to wear 5 in wedge heels to climb a mountain...made of stone (sigh).  Despite the warnings...and the pain in my ankles, I decided to trek my 5 in. heels...on a mountain made of stone.
What Was I Thinking?????

The kids ran around and took in the sight from the summit.  Jess even said she could see our house! (lol).  Justin skipped rocks in the puddles that had formed in the mountain's craters.

So...the total cost of their Stone Mountain adventure was $14.00.  This brings our total to $85.00 so far for the week!  Not bad if you ask me:)  But the true judges are my minnie me's, and their contented smiles tells me they are enjoying their Mommy's "Spring Break Experiment."

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