Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How To Raise A Bilingual Baby

I love it when people reach out to me via my blog! It’s the weirdest thing when you write a lot because you never know who reads your heartfelt articles. Recently, I was approached by someone from about an article that they thought I might be interested in publishing on

Now, as you all know by now…I like to keep my blog VERY real and authentic. That is what makes me…well…ME! So I would n-e-v-e-r put anything on here with which I disagreed. This article caught my attention because it talks about something that I'm am quite familiar with ..bilingual children. I was a bilingual baby:) My Haitian parents spoke no English when they came to this country, and as a result French is my first language. In fact, I learned English by watching Sesame Street and attending Pre-K.

Here’s the article. Apply it to your life if interested!

How to Raise a Brilliant, Bilingual Baby: 100 Tips, Tools and Tricks

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