Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vote For Me.....PLEASE:)

Hello Everyone,

As those of you who know me well know...I have ALWAYS wanted my own television show based on parenting, children and families! Well....I am finally getting my OWN show!

Oh yeah, just one thing....I need your help (lol). I have submitted my audition tape to Oprah as part of a competition to get a show on her new network called OWN. You post it on her website, and people must vote for you in order to get you into the finals.

So, I am asking begging my readers and supporters to click away to get me that number 1 spot:) Please click on the link below....AND THEN CLICK THE GREEN "VOTE" BUTTON!!!!  Just one more thing (lol).  I need you to vote everyday for the next few weeks, and tell everyone you know to do so also....PLEASE, please, PleAse....pretty pleeeeeeeze. G needs your support:)


Friday, May 14, 2010

Confessions Of a Non Snappy-Fingered Black Woman

My daily serene morning drive to work was so rudely interrupted by the sounds coming from the car stereo this morning. As I flipped casually from station to station (in my attempt to avoid yet another song about loving a stripper, big booties, freaks, B#!ches and Ho’s), I landed on a popular Atlanta morning show. It’s a pop station which caters mostly to the Caucasian demographic. However, on this day they had one of their interns who is Black speaking on-air.

Ok…give me just one sec to get bandages for my ears because they are still bleeding……. Alright I’m back. SO, here’s the gist of what the show was discussing…. Apparently, this 22-year-old intern made a statement a few days ago that he does not/ has never dated a Black woman because he finds them to be too aggressive. To be exact, he said Black women have the “snappy finger,” “Oh no you didn’t,” “wag you head” attitude that he finds unattractive. But to make it better he did say that he does have Black friends. He later went on to explain that he went to a predominantly White school, and did not grow up around many fellow African Americans. Hmmm….

Let’s pause for one second because I want to give you time to play the Where’s G game with me. Take a look at my senior class picture....

Now time how long it takes to pick me out in the group. Exactly .001 seconds, right?!? As you can see, I, too, grew up in a predominantly White setting. Somehow, however, I am immune to the Allergy-to-Black-People Disease….hereafter called ABPD.

I really tried to be open minded about what this young man had to say. That is until he began talking about his mother! One of the co-hosts asked him about her, and he replied that he found that his mother embodied all the negative stereotypes that he associates with all Black women. I listened to what he said with a clinical mind, but it was hard not to personalize his comments. I put myself in his mother's shoes.  Anyone who knows me realized a long time ago that I am a spirited, feisty, spunky, energetic, go-getting, and lively kind-of-woman.  As a parent of both a Black son and a Black daughter, I immediately thought about them and if there is anything in my behavior that would cause them to catch the ABPD syndrome. I don’t believe so. Instead, I hope that I am successfully teaching them not to be biased against anyone….INCLUDING their own!

Happy (Unbiased) Parenting,

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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Dangers of The Streets: Child Trafficking

By now everyone has heard about Lawrence Taylor's arrest. The issue is far greater than what most people know. Read my recent blog to learn more about how prevalent child prostitution is, and how your children can become prey.  Make sure to watch the video of his wife's interview with The Insider  after the post to see to what extreme someone will go to minimize Lawrence's accusations.

This post was written for the Time's Up Blog ( which is a collection of bloggers who are champions for victims of crime. The purpose of the blog is to bring awareness to the injustices to victims, and to search out solutions with an SOS to those in the capacity to make changes happen.

The newswires were working overtime in the past several days. The reason is because Lawrence Taylor, a former NFL player, was charged with third-degree rape and soliciting prostitution in a case involving a 16-year-old girl at a hotel in Rockland County, NY according to the authorities. The 16-year-old was a runaway who police said was forced into prostitution. She was reported missing from her home in March.

Police also say that the girl had been staying with a 36-year-old parolee, Rasheed Davis, in the Bronx. Reportedly, the two met a few weeks ago at a bus stop. After a conversation in which she indicated that she did not have a place to stay, Davis offered her refuge. He later forced her to perform sexual favors for others. Last Thursday morning, Davis reportedly punched and kicked her, drove her to a hotel against her will and told her she had to have sex with Taylor. Although she continued to refuse, Davis reportedly handed her over to Taylor, who sexually assaulted her, reports indicate. Taylor then paid her $300, which she gave to Davis.

The police learned of this chain of events when the girl’s uncle, who had reported her missing, called the New York Police Department saying he had received a text message from her. In it, she said she was being driven back to the Bronx and gave the address where she was headed. City officers went to the address and found the girl with Davis who was charged with unlawful imprisonment, assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

No doubt, one reason why this crime has received a lot of attention is because of Lawrence Taylor’s celebrity. However, there are thousands of young girls and boys who are forced into sexual slavery each day. In fact, child prostitution is a major issue not only in the U.S., but also around the world. Atlanta is one city in the U.S. that Federal law enforcement considers to be a hub for child prostitution. Advocates contend at least 400 minors are in prostitution in Georgia, mostly in metro Atlanta. Many are 14 or younger.

A recent report by the Barton Child Law and Policy Clinic at Emory University estimated that hundreds of children were being used as prostitutes throughout Georgia. They come from troubled families and often have histories of truancy, and typically ran away from home after being sexually abused. Once on the street, they face increased risks of being battered or killed. They are also likely to experience drug addiction or psychiatric disorders and contract diseases.

Most runaway children do not realize the dangers of living on the streets. According to the National Runaway Switchboard, 75% of runaways will become involved in theft, drugs or pornography. Moreover, one out of every three teens on the street will be lured into prostitution within 48 hours of leaving home.

This is how…
Children are recruited by pimps in arcades, malls, entertainment centers, at tourist attractions and concerts. They move from city to city looking for children who are alone, desperate, and alienated. They often entice the victims with money and luxury items. Once the pimp moves a child from her hometown into a strange city, they can easily force them to work as a prostitute through the use of drugs, violence, intimidation, and mental abuse.

Child prostitutes require specialized care for effective intervention. They are sure to have both physical and emotional scars that will have lasting affects. Many experts agree that residential care is the most effective. There are some agencies across the country that specialize in helping former child prostitutes. However, the resources are not extensive. There is a definite need for more treatment centers to help rebuild the lives of these victimized children. Moreover, we need to make protecting children a national priority every day of the year, and not only during election times or to merely sell more copies of a magazine…or when it involves a celebrity.

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And now.... a case study demonstrating how NOT to support a pervert husband....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Your Kids Can Help The Hungry THIS Saturday

Guess what parents?!? The U.S. Postal Service in conjunction with the National Association of Letter Carriers is doing something BIG this Saturday May 8th, 2010!!! The Stamp Out Hunger food drive is h-u-g-e, and will make a significant impact in the issue of hunger in this country.

It’s simple! Here’s what you do: On May 8th…place non-perishable food items like meats and fish, canned soup, juice, pasta, canned vegetables, cereal, and rice in a bag. Place it by your mailbox. No worries, because your mail carrier will pick it up and deliver your package to a local food bank or pantry.  How easy and wonderful!!!!!!!

However, G would like to encourage you to use this as a teachable moment. Yes, it’s easy for us mommies and daddies to throw things in a bag and leave it by the mailbox. However, why not include our kids in the process!  Here's how:

  • Talk to them about the fact that some of their classmates may not get to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and endless snacks as they do.
  • Have them go through you pantry and pick out things to put in the food drive bag.
  • Let them help you place it by your mailbox.
  • You might also have them greet your letter carrier, and let them personally hand the bag to them.
The teachable opportunities are endless! It’s a great cause, and one that will, undoubtedly, be memorable for your Minnie-me’s.  Send me pics of you and your kiddos Stamping Out Hunger, their drawings, as well as any video footage of your process.  I'll share mine as well  Let's make it viral!!!!! 

For more info…please visit

Happy Parenting, 

An open and honest blog about what matters most...children and families!!!!