Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vote For Me.....PLEASE:)

Hello Everyone,

As those of you who know me well know...I have ALWAYS wanted my own television show based on parenting, children and families! Well....I am finally getting my OWN show!

Oh yeah, just one thing....I need your help (lol). I have submitted my audition tape to Oprah as part of a competition to get a show on her new network called OWN. You post it on her website, and people must vote for you in order to get you into the finals.

So, I am asking begging my readers and supporters to click away to get me that number 1 spot:) Please click on the link below....AND THEN CLICK THE GREEN "VOTE" BUTTON!!!!  Just one more thing (lol).  I need you to vote everyday for the next few weeks, and tell everyone you know to do so also....PLEASE, please, PleAse....pretty pleeeeeeeze. G needs your support:)


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