Friday, June 25, 2010

Celebrity Chef...Gourmet Baby Food

Since children weigh far less than adults, they are often at risk of higher exposure to the toxins found on non-organic produce. That’s why celebrity chef and dad-of-three Tyler Florence decided to launch Sprout.   I just received three samples in the mail, and I find myself asking "Why didn't this exist when I was a baby!" 

Designed for babies aged 6 months and older and 7 months and older, it’s a line of organic baby food made entirely from nature’s purest ingredients.  It's from the SPROUT Baby Food line, and comes in these hip, eco-friendly resealable pouches.  My samples were Roasted Pear, Sweet Baby Carrots, Apples & Mango, and Roasted Apples & Blueberries.  They definitely sounded delicious, but I wanted confirmation from the very people for which the food line was designed----BABIES!

The verdict is out....the babies who sampled Tyler's organic baby food liked it... A LOT.  One mom told me that her son "clapped" as she fed him the Roasted Pear sample (This had me giggling!)  The other two moms also raved about their samples as well.  One even said that she helped herself to the sample as she fed her 9-month-old (LOL).

Publix Super Market carries Tyler's line of baby food.  Not sure about what other retailers carry it if you don't have a Publix in you neck of the woods...but it seems worth the effort to find out if you have a youngster at home. Judging from what I heard, you shouldn't be disappointed:) 

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Please not that I was not paid to do this product review. 

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