Monday, July 12, 2010

What To Do If Your Child Is Being Bullied

My guest blog this week comes from a writer from  The subject is something we have all come to know more about....bullying.  Most recently, there have been numerous stories in the press about kids who have committed suicide due (reportedly) to being tormented by their peers.  Knowing the warning signs and understanding what resources exist could honestly be life saving!  Take some time and read the post and pass it along to anyone and EVERYONE you think could benefit from it.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Bullying

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Jane has many friends, but they all pick on her hand-me-down clothes. In the naval academy, all new recruits are forced to streak around campus. Wendy always wears sweatpants so male coworkers will stop whistling and making comments on her legs. Kerry avoids his computer and cell phone because of the threats he receives daily in emails and text messages. Dillon gets hit regularly for having special needs. Minor to major, these are all forms of bullying. Once thought of as a, "rite of passage" bullying is now seen as an international problem, spanning all stages of life from childhood to adulthood, in school, on the street, in the workplace, even on the Internet.

Now schools, businesses and state and federal government have taken action and put energy into developing new prevention techniques, education programs and legislation. The following is a collection of statistics, definitions, quick facts and resources for identification, information on and treatment of problems associated with bullying.

To read the entire posting and see the wonderful list of resources, click here:

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