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10 Reasons Your Child Needs A Tutor

My guest post of the day comes from It's filled with great educational information for parents as our kids embark on a new school year. Ensuring that your child has a successful school year means being involved in their education and realizing when they may need a little help.

A writer at Christan Colleges highlighted 10 reasons why a child may need extra tutoring. Be sure to take a look...and also note that you can speak with your friendly School Psychologist at any time if you have concerns about your child's academic achievement (I know it's a shameless plug!!!)  But seriously though...sometimes underperformance is the result of an underlying learning issue.  Therefore the sooner it is identified, the sooner a student can begin receiving specialized instruction.

Here is part of the article published on  Please visit their site to read the full article.

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10 Reasons Your Child Needs A Tutor by

1.They work hard, but results are minimal

If your child puts forth the effort each night but isn’t seeing results, a well-trained tutor would be a good investment. A tutor will teach them how to study independently, which is a basic skill they’ll need to have mastered by the time they enter college. They also offer tutelage pertaining to note-taking, organizational and time management skills that will improve your child’s chances of success in every subject.

2.They’re easily discouraged
Does your child’s motivation wane as the subject becomes more difficult? A couple of bad grades can lead to several more, and before you know it, they’ve fallen into an academic hole of which they’re unable to find their way out. The personal attention provided by a tutor can steer them around it, giving them the confidence needed to conquer a challenge.

3.Lessons don’t match their learning style
Not every student learns in the same manner. Perhaps your child is a social learner who needs consistent interaction in order to fully grasp a subject. If their teacher is more of a lecturer, a tutor can provide the social learning experience your child desires. Additionally, lesson plans tend to be rigid and teachers generally prefer not to stray away from them. The use of alternative methods can provide your child with easier and more efficient ways to solve a math problem, balance an equation or write an essay.

4.Their teacher is subpar
Like any other profession, the teaching profession has its good and bad apples. During secondary school, students typically lack the study skills to learn a subject on their own, so they’re unable to compensate for wasted class time. A qualified tutor can teach your child everything they need to know and more, breaking their dependence on their subpar teacher.

5.They consistently struggle in one subject
Perhaps a subject like math just isn’t your child’s strong-suit and they’ve never performed well in those classes. By hiring tutor who specializes in that particular area, you can turn your child’s weakness into a strength. A good tutor should be able to tap into your child’s potential, or at the very least, ensure the subject is no longer a drag on their transcript.

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