Monday, September 27, 2010

A Fall From Grace: Bishop Eddie Long

I forced myself to wait a few days before airing my thoughts regarding the recent allegations involving Bishop Eddie Long.  Radio stations, newspapers, and credible  news sources have looped the story incessantly...and rightfully so. 

In lawsuits filed this week, three men who were members of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church claimed that Long had sexual contact with them when they were enrolled in New Birth's ministry for teen boys.  These acts were said to have occurred during trips in the U.S. and abroad, as well as on church property.

What's most interesting to me is that so many people refuse to believe that a "man of God" could engage in inappropriate ways with children (Yes a 17-year-old IS STILL A CHILD), or with adults.  Newsflash...Pastors can be unfaithful, pedophiles, addicted to porn, and drug addicts.  Why...because they are human, and human beings are flawed.  To simply assume that Bishop Long is incapable of doing anything and everything that other mere mortals do is simply insanity.  (Please note that Bishop Long has not been convicted of any crime.  These are allegations....sigh)

Take a look at this CNN clip in which news anchor Don Lemon interviews three teens who attend New Birth.  In the clip, Don shares publicly for the first that he was the victim of a pedophile, and details how similar his experience was to what Long's accusers say happened to them.  It's powerful footage!


Again, Bishop Long has not yet had his day in court, and the full details have not yet been disclosed.  However, I think this can serve as a teachable moment to every parent.  When it comes to your children you should trust no one very few people... and still watch like a hawk to make sure that everything is on the up and up.  Whether someone stands in a pulpit or in a dark alley should make no difference to you.

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  1. Hey G. This new scandal has been in the medai all week and has provoked a lot of questioning. My thing is even if he DIDN'T do anything sexual with these young men, what are the pictures on his cell phone about? He obviously took those pics and SENT those pics to SOMEone and it got out. If anyone, the only person he should have been sending those pics to is his wife! But that apparently is not the case. As you said, he has not had his day in court yet but I believe he is guilty of something. Some of his parishioners are in the dark because they refuse to believe that a man of God cannot do these things!! They need to wake up and realize that, like you said, ANYone can be guilty of these acts, from the scum in the alley to the Pope!! We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

  2. I have been to New Birth and I have witnessed This Spiritual Warrior, I have listened to this Gladiator command the attention of Thousands. Just his presence would dominate a room.................not so much yesterday :-) He looked like a tired defeated man, I did not see a warrior; I did hear him say three times he is not perfect. I do believe even taking the advice of his counsel he did not have to get in the case however "Proclaiming your innocence" does not compromise your case..............This is of course if you ARE NOT innocent. Everyone wants to "Pray for da Bishop" let's also pray for these young men (if these allegations are true) because it is stressful as a young to come out and say that you have participated in homosexual acts (financial gain or not)

  3. Hi Kristen....You aren't joking that it has been all over the news this week. Even Wendy Williams talked about it today. It's just sad all the way around. I feel for his wife and kids especially. I'm bracing myself for the details that will likely come out (according to the young men's attorney).

    @ Patricio...I agree that we have to pray for these young men. I, too, watched the live feed yesterday. He did look tired and worn to me as well. Can't imagine that he's had much sleep. I did hear him say a few times that he is not perfect. I think its really important for people to believe someone when they tell you about themselves...and stop putting folks on pedestals. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts!!!!


  4. There is an even bigger issue here aside from the sex abuse allegations and that, in my humble opinion, is the abuse of trust that far too many of these "Mega Pastors" engage in.
    Whether its Creflo openly wishing that he could shoot those who don't tithe big enough with "uzi's on the count of 3 Jesuses" and "take there bodies to the side door and throw them into a big hole in the ground" ( or, if it's Dr. Leroy Brown bragging about his $16,000 dog and his Rolls and his daughters Mercedes, or Juanita Bynum telling you that you are a commoner if you don't invest in an expensive pen like her $5,000 pen.
    These pastors are raping and abusing their flocks in many ways other than sexually.
    They are seizing upon your spirituality by the force of our interpretation of their position. They will have you believe that you will fall out of favor with The Creator if you do not give them what they want.
    Isn't that how molesters coerce youngsters to do what they want? If you don't do this, I'll kill your mommy. If you tell on me I'll......
    These Mega Pastors look more like rap stars with their Bling and their Bentley's, than they do like Jesus or his disciples.
    Where is their humility? Where is there satisfaction with just doing God's work?
    Could you imagine what would happen if Eddie Long and his congregation of 20K+ decided that they were going to put a halt to the drug dealing and prostitution in our community by having the whole flock show up in the worst neighborhoods on surprise and making it known that the poison peddlers are no longer welcomed?!
    But that's not what they are about. They identify with the guy or gal that's just trying to get their's because that's what these mega pastor's are all about. Getting Their's (in my opinion).
    Eddie Long is only the tip of the iceberg. He got this way because he is accountable to no one. His millions/year in 'love offerings', his Church provided Bentley and G4, etc... all tell him that he is doing what his flock wants him to do.
    I pray that all of the Mega Flocks wake up and smell the coffee before their fate is sealed and they find themselves in a far worse situation that having been physically molested, but instead having been spiritually raped.
    Great article G!!

  5. @Anonymous....One thing that I definitely agree with you on is the fact that we have to be wiser about the people that we let into our lives. Whether it's a "spiritual advisor" or "friend"... Not everyone we meet has good intentions. Greed and jealousy are, afterall, the pitfall of humanity (in my most humble opinion;) I think that Bishop does deserve his day in court to either clear his name, or to be convicted. Either way it goes....this "situation" has hopefully been an eye opener for those who put their faith in man instead of the highest power. Much love & thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. Loved reading your comment and watching the video;)... ~g~

  6. @ Anonymous....WOW!!! Did Creflo really say that mess? I have to watch the video. I totally agree with you about the Mega pastors looking more like rap stars with their bling and the rides and their phat houses!! I personally believe that they went into that business JUST to make all that money, NOT to preach the word of God. Totally agree with you.

  7. Check these out as well if you like.
    I'm not trying to hate on Christianity. I just don't believe that this is born out of a love for God.
    By the way, I found these in less than 10 minutes the internet.

  8. @Anonymous...Lawd Av Mercy!!! Booty Gospel had me chuckling for sure:). Hmmmm.... What are your thoughts? Do you think pastors of Mega Churches can be honest and truly Christian? Can't wait to hear (lol)!