Monday, October 11, 2010

A Sober Pregnancy

Being pregnant can be really stressful with all the changes your body goes through, and with the constant worrying that the baby will be healthy. So why not take some of the edge off with a few glasses of wine. Heck…it could help dull the back pain you get in the latter months. Sounds crazy you say! Not according to a group of British researchers.

In a recent study, they found that "Light drinking is fine, but heavy and binge drinking should be avoided." (Note to self….avoid binge drinking when pregnant. Oh yeah...and any other time!!!) Reports indicate that “pregnant women who drank one or two units of alcohol a week didn't harm their children. By age 5, children were still doing well -- able to walk straight lines and touch their noses with the tips of their fingers.” I can’t make this stuff up if I tried (sigh). Listen up people (said in my best School Psychologist voice), I encourage you to set the bar higher for your children. Yeah, the kids in the research study were able to touch their noses and walk a straight line…but could they, say…read and comprehend….recite the alphabet…..hmmmmm or ……speak coherently? I’m just saying...

The researchers did appear to play both sides of the discussion because they ultimately indicate that they cannot say for certain that drinking will not harm the unborn fetus. Therefore, they recommend that preggos not consume alcohol while pregnant. So now we’re back at square one (lol).

Ladies, puh-leeze put down the wine glass (and crack pipe). The nine months will fly by before you know it. Though you may crave a nice glass of Ch√Ęteauneuf du Pape, resist that temptation until after the baby is born. Trust me…I work everyday with kids whose moms did not heed this counsel, and for those kids being able to touch their noses would, indeed, be a milestone. You might hear contradictory arguments about this issue. Some will swear that a glass here and there is nothing to get worked up about. But would you really want to chance it? Not this mom!

Happy (Sober) Pregnancy Parenting,

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