Friday, October 22, 2010

What's The Big "Gleeking" Problem

You have to be from Mars if you have not heard of the hit tv show called Glee. It follows a group of teen students in glee club, and each episode features musical performances. This hit show has won numerous awards as well as the hearts of millions of viewers...young and old. 

Enter drama.... A couple of days ago, GQ magazine published a series of provocative pictures of several stars of the show. "So what's the big deal?" you might say.  This is certainly not the first time starlets have posed in next to nothing.  The problems is that these 20-something-year-old actors are portraying underage students on the show, and they posed in "naughty schoolgirl" outfits, or panties and ripped shirts.

The ladies of ABCs The View debated this issue this morning, and boy was it heated!  Barbara and Sherri went back and forth (Babs said that the actors were of age so it's not a big deal, while Sherri stressed how inappropriate it is for kids to see these images).  Of course I am on Team Sherri.  However, I believe that both hosts missed a really...really...really big point. 

The major issue is that GQ is a publication that targets men, and they sexualized  actresses who play high school-aged characters.  The clothing and provocative poses definitely have overtones of child pornography.  There are millions of sick and twisted people out there who do not need any additional help sexualizing children.  Yet, with the click of the shutter, GQ was able to do just that.  There are so many other artistic photos that push the envelop that could have been taken.  Having the star of the show popular with children posing spread eagle in tiny white panties should not have been an option! Sadly, these young actresses allowed themselves to be used by the magazine so that the publication could make a buck....that's the bottom line.

Since I view everything as a teachable moment...I encourage parents of "gleeks" and "nongleeks" to address this issue with their tweens.  Trust me, they'll see the images and hear about it from their peers anyway!  Talk to them about having pride in themselves, and not needing to dress provocatively to be pretty or cool.  Also, please speak to them today about the dangers of predators who prey on young girls and boys, and how they can keep themselves safe. 

 Please watch the clip below and tell me if you're on Team Sherri or Team Barbara:)

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  1. Gaetane, I saw this episode too. and i agree with everything you stated. Although these young ladies are of legal age in real life, the fact that they portray teens on TV I think is what makes this a big deal. Long story short, I am on Team Sherri. It's just inappropriate for them to be "spread eagle" and half naked. I mean that may as well be on the cover of Playboy of Hustler or something. Surely they could have done more tasteful pics to make a buck.

  2. That makes 2 for Team Sherri. G & Kristen...:)