Friday, March 25, 2011

Divine Bodies: Pole Dancing For the Lord

Ladies get your clear platform stilettos ready because there's a new exercise/ dance phenomenon called Pole Dancing for Jesus.  That's right!  You can get your praise on and work out your glutes at the same time.  The only requirement is that you present your church bulletin to participate.   No...I'm not making this up (lol)!

Instead of Hip Hop, Christian music plays as church-going women perform routines on the poles. But don't get your panties in a bunch because the instructor and the students say it's not about sex.  For them, this is about getting closer to God. "God gives us these bodies and they are suppose to be our temples and we are suppose to take care of them and that's what we are doing," instructor Crystal Dean said.  Hmmm...Now it's easy to pass judgement on this type of (eh hem) exercise.  However, these are adult women who are not getting paid to take off their clothes for patrons.  It's a newly popular form of exercise that is taking the country by storm.  In fact, I once took a pole fitness class for a tv show that I was on and I can attest that it was a true workout!  What I'm struggling with, however, is associating it with religion.  I mean what's next Tantric Bible Study...ijs

But that's not where the story ends....did you know that you can also take a mommy-and-me pole class with your elementary school baby girl?  No, you probably won't find these classes everywhere.  But a Canadian company that operates in Vancouver and Langley, has taught students age 9 and up in regular classes and has gone as young as 5 years old in private lessons.  While the thought is distressing to many, supporters say that only adults eroticize pole dancing, and that children see the pole as something similarly found in a "firehouse, playground or circus."  Moreover, the instructors defend the classes by saying that if kids aren't taught to strip, grind, or gyrate...there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.....OR IS THERE?  I believe so.

Kids should play on monkey bars, slides, balance beams, see-saws, swings, jungle get the point.  They have a life time to be exposed to things such as stripper poles and their innuendo.... so why do so prematurely?  Of course young children don't understand the association between a silver pole and what it symbolizes.  The fact remains that there is an association and undeniable connotation.  That is why pole dancing is not child's play.  So ladies, whether you're swinging around a pole for the Lord or just for exercise, puh-leeze leave your children at home.


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  2. Loved reading all the comments Mod:) It's definitely not a topic for the bashful (lol). ~g~