Monday, March 7, 2011

What's So Funny About Charlie Sheen?

I might be the only person on this earth who is disturbed by the media frenzy surrounding Charlie Sheen's psychiatric breakdown. It seems like I can't get away from all the hoopla and jokes about his “Tiger Blood” and “Winning!” comments. ENOUGH ALREADY! Although he denies it, it is clear that he is like millions of other addicts who are in the midst of destructive cycle of drug abuse.

So why is the media wasting its time covering his nonsensical and grandiose ramblings? I guess for the same reason why networks put out many of their shows. In fact, a crop of shows have seemingly taken the country by storm....16 And Pregnant/ Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, The Housewives of Wherever, Bad Girls Club, and now...(sigh) Skins.

The Jersey Shore debuted a couple of years ago amid large amounts of controversy regarding the use of the words because of its portrayal of Italian-American stereotypes. However, all the press helped the series, as the ratings have been through the roof. Love it or hate it...The Situation, Snooki, JWOWW, Pauly D, Sammi Sweetheart, Ronni, and Vinny are celebrities. I know that statement probably annoys some of you, but it is the truth. Have you heard how much they make an episode? Add to that all the endorsement deals...these young people are rich, and in high demand.

MTV, like the Today Show...Good Morning America...Piers Morgan Tonight... "20/20"...TMZ and (to name a few) have figured out that people gravitate to salacious and scandalous "entertainment." They have also figured out a way to push the boundaries in a way that gets the attention of young America. But, at what cost? Do you ever wonder what message our adolescents are actually getting from watching Sammi "Sweetheart" punch her boyfriend in the face because she was mad? Or maybe what they think about JWoww repeatedly urinating in public and as cameras rolled...Or the endless stream of women in and out of The Situation's bed? But I digress...

Back to Charlie Sheen. Have we lowered the bar so low as a nation that we view someone's slow and emotionally tortuous demise as entertainment? Are we that vacuous that we don't believe that we have a right to expect more from those who create the shows that inundate our culture, and help to influence our children? Just how far are we willing to push the limit before we are fed up? Maybe this might help formulate your answers....Imagine that Charlie Sheen was your son. Imagine that he was that out of control, and instead of helping him… everyone enabled him just so they could get a "funny" soundbite or audio clip. Horrible, right?

Nothing is funny about what Charlie is doing and experiencing. There is also nothing entertaining about inundating children with negative imagery. Our kids deserve better, and our society needs better. So where do you draw the line? 

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  1. nope, you're not the only one. Every time I see him on TV it makes me sad. Someone needs to help him but too many are making money off of this now. It's depressing.