Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Indicators of When Your Daughter Should See the Gynecologist

A relationship with a gynecologist is important to a woman’s health throughout life. When that relationship begins depends on a number of factors.

According to Women's Health Associates , a gynecologist in Columbia, MO, the leading determinant of when a daughter should see a gynecologist is whether or not she is sexually active. If a mother knows or suspects her daughter is having sex, or will be in the near future, they should see the gynecologist about birth control or contraception, and also to check for sexually transmitted diseases.

Some mothers believe that they should take their daughters in to the gynecologist as soon as they have their first period. Usually, this is not the case.

Periods are a normal part of a girl’s development, and parents should only take their daughter to see the gynecologist about their period if their daughter has the first period really late or early. Typically, anything below the age of nine is cause for concern. Having a period at nine or 10 is early but not unheard of, and mothers can use their own discretion on whether they should take their daughter to the gynecologist. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if your daughter has not experienced a period by the age of 16, a parent should bring their daughter in to have her hormone levels checked.

Other circumstances in which a period warrants a trip to the gynecologist include heavy flow for a long period of time, such as three weeks, or excessive pain from the period that is so severe it is causing your daughter to miss school.

As mentioned, sexual activity often determines when a teenager starts seeing a gynecologist. But if your daughter is not sexually active, many doctors recommend she sees the gynecologist around 17 or 18.

Women should at least see a gynecologist by the age of 21, as that is when they should have their first pap smear.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

When The Law Let's You Down

Let me ask you a rhetorical question....How do you feel about the Casey Anthony verdict?  I have not met a person yet who isn't outraged by the findings, and the apparent slap on the hand of a mother, human, egg supplier who covered up the murder eh hem...accidental drowning of beautiful Caylee Anthony.  Well let me share another story with you that may very well put you over the edge.  Please make sure you're sitting down...sigh.

Weldon Marc Gilbert of Washington state is a wealthy commercial pilot acting as his own defense counsel, so he gets to personally review the evidence against him.  Not such a big deal, right.  But wait, there's more!  Gilbert is accused of child rape and molestation and the "evidence" that he is allowed to view is the 100s of pornographic material seized from his home in 2007.  Reports indicate that he lured children to his house.  Once inside, he would get them drunk, tie them down and beat them, all with the camera rolling, detectives said.

According to ABC News, authorities found a stash of pornographic videotapes and DVDs depicting 250 scenes involving 40 individuals, including one of a boy who was 12 years old. Police also allegedly found a cassette tape on which Gilbert described his spanking fantasies in addition to a variety of sex toys, paddles, blindfolds, spanking devices and two handguns.

Apparently Gilbert will be put in a private room whenever he wants to watch the porn....to researchOUR legal system allows this obscenity!  Imagine how the children and their parents must feel knowing that this pedophile gets to relive their rape and abuse as often as he wants.  Sickening!  The only rule is that he is not able to show the tapes to other inmates, and must have one person supervise him while he researches.

This travesty and the results of the Casey Anthony case are a blatant indication that we have to put pressure on lawmakers in order to protect our children.  Because , clearly the laws that are in place are wishy washy, and reward the perpetrators instead of the victims. 


An open and honest blog about what matters most...CHILDREN AND FAMILIES!!!