Tuesday, August 23, 2011

5 Tips: How To Piss Your Child's Teacher Off

Parenting.com recently posted an article that shared some pet peeves that teachers have. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Not knowing the school's discipline policies, and then getting upset if they're different from yours.

2. Pressuring your child not to mess up or misplace her clothes.

3. Trying to discuss a problem during dropoff or pick-up.

4. Being late for Circle Time. a crucial part of the routine, and if your child misses it, she might feel a little lost, especially if she's the only one who isn't clued in.

I thought this article was well written, and offered valuable insights for parents. However….I would like to keep it all the way….funky dunky real. If I could have written the article, I would have titled it “5 Surefire Ways To Piss Your Child’s Teacher Off.” Here they are:

1. Don’t show up for scheduled conferences…especially the ones that they kindly scheduled before or after school…you know…the time that they have to spend with their own children.

2. Don’t ever (I mean NEVER) check their homework.

3. Do their homework for them so that they can get 100%. Even though their teacher knows that they cannot read or write but somehow managed to use the word “expeditiously" correctly.

4. Always curse at them when they call to let you know that your cutie pie was rude and/or disrespectful to staff.

5. And of course….Always buy the light up and sparkly sneakers for your child…especially if they have been diagnosed with ADHD.

So, of course you know me well enough by now to understand that I am being extremely sarcastic and tongue in cheek about this issue. However, I do want to stress that setting the framework for a successful parent/teacher relationship has to start at the beginning of the year. One of the best things that parents can do is to make themselves known to the teacher. What does that mean, g? Well, it means...show up for the open house at the start of the year so that the teacher can put a face with the name. It’s sad to say, but there are many teachers who go through the whole year and never meet certain parents! Of course, we are all busy, and most of us don’t have the ability to be the coveted room-mom. But consistent communication between home and school is critically important for academic success. So if you want a great 2011-2012 school year, follow these tips:

1. Do meet the teacher at the start of the year, and let them know that you are invested in your child’s academic success.

2. Do establish a set homework time each afternoon/ evening to discuss and review assigned work. Let the teacher know if some of the work is a bit over your head because they willingly set up tutorial time to give individual assistance.

3. Do ask for help as soon as possible if you suspect that your son or daughter is having significant difficulty comprehending age and grade appropriate concepts. Your school system has a wealth of resources available to you and your child and early intervention is key!

4. Do make sure that your child uses a planner to document homework and project assignments. Also make sure to sign the planner each day so that the teacher knows that you are aware of daily expectations. (It’s also a great way to chart behavior concerns) Do

5. Do start your child’s academic day with a belly filling breakfast. Kids learn best when they are well rested and fed. If you are experiencing a financial hardship, you may find that your family qualifies for free and reduced school meals. It’s a wonderful program available to families. Also, School Social Workers are a fabulous resource to families, as they can link you up with helpful community programs that may ease financial hardships.

Here's To A Happy & Productive School Year,

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