Wednesday, January 4, 2012

From Legos to Boob Jobs

I awoke this morning to a news headline that was so incredibly asinine that I had to read it multiple times to make sure I had it right (I've been on vacation for over two weeks and my mind has gotten a little soft. Anyhoo...) It read: 'Human Barbie' Sarah Burge Gives 7-Year-Old Daughter Breast Implant Voucher.

The accompanying article described how she gave her daughter a $10,000 gift certificate to use after her sixteenth birthday because this is when breast augmentation surgery is legal. She claimed that her baby girl "begged" her for a "boob job." Reportedly, her daughter was so excited about the gift that she exclaimed, "I can't wait to be like Mummy with big boobs. They're pretty." Sigh......

Ok....It would be too easy for me to go in knee deep about the psychological impact this gift has on her daughter's self-esteem. WAAAAAAYYY too easy. Instead, I'll leave you to connect the dots. My mind, instead, went a different direction. I needed to find out who this so called Human Barbie is. So I did a bit of searching, and now everything makes sense to me. Let me share her story.

These are her own words:

I was involved in an incident of domestic violence so severe that I was left with a broken cheekbone, jaw, eye socket and teeth. I was rushed to hospital to be patched up but when I eventually saw myself in a mirror I collapsed in shock.

My face was completely disfigured, I looked like a monster. I lived like that for six years and they were the worst six years of my life.

I visited the best plastic surgeons I could find and offered them a business proposition. If they could make me look the way I wanted to look then I would refer all my clients to them. They agreed and I haven’t paid a penny for my surgery since.

When I lost my face I didn’t feel good on the inside. I was miserable. As for being an addict I’m the first one to admit it’s true. I’m addicted to looking good. What’s wrong with that?

In addition to Sarah's self-disclosure, I also learned that as a teen, she fell prey to a "charming" man who groomed her as a teenage prostitute. She eventually became a "lap dancer," and ultimately a Playboy Bunny. It was then that her roller coaster ride of a life took horrible turn when a married Arabian with whom she was having an affair beat her so horrifically that she nearly died.

As with many women who are disfigured as a result of domestic violence, Sarah sought the help of plastic surgeons to fix her physical wounds. However, at least for her, her emotional wounds which seemingly stem from childhood could not be "fixed" with the mere use of a scalpel. Only psychotherapy could achieve this.

There are many sad elements to this story. But the one that troubles me most is the fact that the cycle has been recreated. Now, her daughter has been brainwashed into believing that a prefabricated body is better than the one created by God.

Although extreme, I bet that there are elements of Sarah's story that are being recreated in our own homes. For example, how many of us are unknowingly passing on our own insecurities to our children? Probably most of us. Not sure if you are? Well because I love you, I created a cheat-sheet to help determine if you might be passing on some poor traits to your cutie pies.

Here they are:

  1. Your 7-yr-old says they need "boobs implants"

  2. Your 7-yr-old says they need lipo

  3. You your 7-yr-old take turns practicing on the pole (displayed in the family room)

Happy Parenting;)

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