Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lo Siento...I'm A Pedophile

Have you spoken to your kids about predators and the tricks and tactics they use? If not, today is the day for you to do so because these pedophiles are banking on the fact that you won't. The best way to guide your discussion is to know how these sickos operate. Today's sicko is Ryan Brunn...the murderer and rapist of 7-yr-old Jorelys Rivera.

Here is how the mind of a pedophile works:

Published in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution 1/17/12

Brunn said he came across a roller skate while cleaning and knew it was Jorelys’ because he had seen her skating. He took a picture of the skate and waited for her to come back to her apartment building so he could show it to her and ask whose it was.

“I told her to come with me and I’ll get it for her,” said Brunn. “And she did.”

Brunn said he had identified a vacant unit where he thought he could take the girl for “sexual purposes,” Brunn told the judge. Brunn said he had been looking at child pornography on his roommate’s computer, but he “never had an idea of killing a child in my life.”

Brunn, of Dahlonega, had moved to the complex in November, where he lived for free in exchange for groundskeeping. Brunn was still on duty at around 4:30 p.m. that Friday when he lured Jorelys into the vacant unit. His workday was scheduled to end at 5 p.m.

Brunn said he made Jorelys partially undress and at one point get into a bathtub, but he insisted he did not touch her.

“She asked if after she’s done, would she go home?” Brunn said. “That’s the only think she asked.”
Brunn said he told her “yes.” But Jorelys didn’t get to go home.

Brunn said he instead cut the girl’s throat, then repeatedly struck her with the skate until she lost consciousness. He said he wrapped her body in a sheet or blanket and used a golf cart to take it to the complex’s trash compactor.

“I guess I got scared in there and I didn’t want her to go home and tell on me,” he said.
Brunn said he spent the weekend hanging out with his roommate and another female friend, going to Wal-Mart, playing monopoly, smoking pot and meth, and watching football on television.

That Sunday, two days after Jorelys disappeared, as the feverish search for her was underway, Brunn said he wrote a note on a small McDonald’s receipt and taped it to the compactor.
“She’s in the trash can,” it said.

How Brunn lured Jorelys away is fairly characteristic of a pedophile. Moreover, the fact that he knew that the rollerskates belonged to her means that he had targeted Jorelys. Child predators typically try to entice a child to come with them by promising candy, toys, puppies....etc. So when you talk to your kids, make sure to role play the various things that these tricky adults will say to them. AND practice why THEY SHOULD NOT GO WITH THEM.

My heart breaks for Jorelys' parents. What happened to their beautiful daughter is unimaginable...wrong....disturbing....infuriating. No parent should have to endure such pain! This tragic story serves as a reminder that these disgusting pedophiles are systematic in how they plot to harm our babies. We have to be equally tactical!

Ryan Brunn plead guilty to charges of murder, child molestation, enticing a child for indecent purposes, false imprisonment, abandonment of a dead body, making a false statement, sexual exploitation of children and two counts each of aggravated battery, aggravated assault and cruelty to children in the first degree. What's more is that investigators believe Brunn has molested other children in Virginia and Lumpkin County, based on interviews with family and former neighbors conducted after his arrest.

Today, Brunn was sentenced to life without parole for murdering Jorelys. During the sentencing, Brunn stated “I would like to apologize for everything I’ve done." Then he turned to the Jorelys' family and said “Lo siento” -- “I’m sorry” in Spanish. He might have faced a death sentence had the case gone to trial.

So Pundits...was justice served?


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