Saturday, March 31, 2012

Delusions Of A Celebrity Post Pregnancy Body

I have never hid my love of gossip magazines like InTouch, OK, and Star. No, I am not obsessed with celebrities...okay maybe a little bit (lol). But truth be told, my job(s) and all my advocacy work can be quite emotionally taxing. That is why I love to escape into the land of the Coo Coo (a.k.a. Hollywood) while relaxing in a hot bubble bath. In particular, I love looking at the fashion, checking out the latest exercise craze, and frowning at the recent legal hardships of some of the stars that we love to hate.

As I recently perused one of these insightful periodicals;) I noticed a page that talked about how celebrities like Beyonce and Hillary Duff seemingly regained their pre-baby bodies in a matter of an instant. It is absolutely mind boggling to me how one can get flat washboard abs overnight after giving birth! So this has me wondering.....just like our daughters get a false sense of reality when looking at airbrushed models in the magazines....Do moms also get a false sense of what a post pregnancy body should look like when looking at celebrities? I don't know about you, but it took me close to a year to shed all the Wendy's french fries, Spicy Chicken Sandwich, and Ice Cream weight.

I remember jogging around the local neighborhood high school track determined to melt the extra ~g~ that hung tightly to my outer thighs and abdomen. I hired a trainer, ate right, and did jumping jacks for no apparent reason at various times of the day like a mad woman. Yet, still the weight took its sweet 'ole time to melt away much to my chagrin! So how is it possible for a starlet to look camera ready a mere month after labor?

Well, celebrities, unlike you or I, have one major motivation to return to a sexy hourglass silhouette after giving birth....Tabloid magazines. Yup', the very ones that I rejoice in reading in my tub with a glass of red wine. I can't imagine that Mariah Carey or Beyonce want any of us to see a picture of them with a post pregnancy gut in a swimsuit....with saddlebags. Especially not when they've made a career of being seen as sex symbols. Therefore, they devote loads of time, money, and hire a support staff including nannies and trainers to help them maintain their "sexy." After all, their future income depends on it.

So the moral of the story is...while it's fun to take a glimpse into Hollyweird, we normal folks should heed caution when comparing ourselves to those in Tinseltown. Their reality is not ours. We have the joy of simply enjoying our babies after popping them out. We needn't worry about paparazzi hiding in a bush outside of our homes to see if our rumps are still a bit wide. Nope, we can settle into mommyhood in virtual peace. We may not be able to afford to get a tummy tuck or breast lift. But we can thank God for each physical change. Because after all, this process allowed us to produce the most precious gift of all....our babies!

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