Thursday, November 29, 2012

When Adults Bully Kids

As usual, I began my daily routine by responding to emails, and doing a quick perusal of the gripping headlines. By 8:00 am, I was aware that 1) Lindsey Lohan is again residing in her home away from home after a bar brawl, and 2) This world is filled with more idiots than we want to admit. I’m not going to address the Lindsey situation because….well….It’s too sad to watch a young woman with such potential kill herself slowly (sigh). Instead, I’m going to focus on the man who has won my Sad Excuse For a Human/Parent Award. His name is William Bailey.

I’m pretty sure you’ve never heard of him. I only became acquainted with his name this morning over my morning cup of java. He’s from Ohio, and until November 27, 2012 he was just a run-of-the-mill  Low Life. Now he’s a Low Life in jail….for teasing and mocking 10-year-old Hope Knight who has cerebral palsy. His actions were caught on film by Hope’s grandmother. The footage shows Bailey dragging his leg and patting his arm across his chest while he picked his son up from the bus stop. Hope’s mother asked him to stop because she knew that Hope could see what he was doing. This is when Low Life Bailey encourages his son to “walk like the ret@rd” too. The 9-year-old is then seen mimicking his father by dragging his leg as he walked.

Honest to goodness, pundits, my blood boiled as I read the report and then watched the Youtube video that Hope’s family posted. How could anyone…NO MATTER WHAT…do something so cruel to a child??? What infuriated me the most (aside from imaging how Hope and her family must have felt) is that this despicable behavior was modeled to Bailey son. Clearly, I am not alone in my outrage because after the Knights filed a complaint with the Canton City prosecutors, charges were filed. Bailey, who works as a truck driver, was charged twice. He was originally charged for aggravated menacing after the sheriff was called when he swung a “tow chain on his porch, saying he would choke [Hope’s mother] until [she] stopped twitching. The second charge, for the incident at the bus stop incident, was disorderly conduct. A disorderly conduct is a minor misdemeanor and carries no jail time. However, the former carries a maximum of 30 days in jail in Ohio. He was formally sentenced to 29 days in jail on Nov. 27th.  Hopefully, Bailey will use every bit of his time behind bars to reassess his actions and make a complete personality change. Highly doubt it….but one can dream.

Hope’s mother told news reports that the plea deal enabled the sentence to cover his actions towards Hope because they were interrelated. It appears that the Knights have had many problems with the Baileys over the years. The fact that they are next door neighbors I’m sure compounds the issue as well. According to Hope’s mother, Bailey’s son came to their hose to play with Hope last summer. This culminated in him pulling out a pocket knife and threatening to “cut [Hope] up. The harassment continued throughout the school year.

This story represents the worst in human behavior. It proves, yet again, that people can be careless with others’ feelings. It also proves my longstanding belief that folks need to undergo IQ and personality testing before being allowed to conceive;) While it may be too late for Bailey Sr., I pray that Baily Jr. has others in his life that will model for him how to treat others, and why being biased against others that are different from you is simply wrong. Hope, who was born at 29 weeks after her mother was involved in a head-on collision, has endured two brain injuries. Her loving mother says that she has fought for her life time and time again. She should not have to fight for her dignity. So to Bailey…and all the past and future Sad Excuse For a Human/Parent Award recipients… SHAME ON YOU!

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