Saturday, December 1, 2012

Safe Sex Is.....SEXY

One of the most powerful radio interviews that I have done to date happened 4 years ago. In honor of World AIDS Day, I am reposting my interview with the ever inspiring, and Emmy Award winner Rae Lewis Thornton. 

Despite her present day status of having full-blown AIDS (ACQUIRED Immune-deficiency Syndrome), Rae has lead a crusade to educate and challenge audiences to take control of their own bodies, futures and health. Rae uses her life as an example that AIDS is a non-discriminatory disease. She challenges the most common myths and stereotypes surrounding who and how one can become infected.

More than 25 million people have died of this disease, and despite medical advances...there is still  no cure.  The great news is that HIV is preventable...all you need to do is practice safe sex ALL THE TIME.  No sex experience is worth your life...seriously.  Please listen to Rae's inspirational story...and hopefully it will inspire you to get tested and take charge of your sex life.  SAFE SEX IS SEXY.....

 Click to listen.....

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